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There are three types of data backup: physical, which copies a file to another server in a physical location known to you; cloud, which copies a file to an internet-based service; and hybrid, which uses a combination of the two.

At WorldTech, we strive to provide simplicity and security for our clients and their data. To do this, we've implemented a multi-level data security system that seamlessly provides scaling levels of file protection that use each of these types of backups based on the importance of the file protected. 

We recognize that not all of your files need to be treated exactly the same, so we prioritize your most important data with WorldTech's own extremely secure offsite backups across North America, while less critical files are backed up locally for rapid recovery. This system reduces downtime without sacrificing file safety, and also serves to keep you in control by allowing you to decide what priority to assign to documents. 

By synthesizing the best protection solutions for each of your unique files, WorldTech saves you time and money.

HIPAA, ALTA, and PCI compliant.