Cloud Computing

What Does Cloud Computing Mean?

"Cloud" means the use of an internet based system to store files instead of storage on an in-house hard drive or other device.

WorldTech employs the three types of cloud storage (public, private, and hybrid) as they best suit a situation. Using a public cloud means your files are stored in an off-site location using an outside service. This is often cheaper than an in-house, private cloud, but the user isn't always able to access his/her backups immediately. A private cloud allows around the clock access (you can even come to our IT office and see it for yourself if you want) just for you. A hybrid cloud uses both depending on the importance of certain files and user preference.

Cloud computing also allows your employees to collaborate whenever they have access to the internet. 

What Services Can our Managed Model Offer?

A managed service offers a vast array of options, such as data backup and recovery, system monitoring and management, hosting the email server, patch management, and providing important security audits and updates. This lets us take care of the nitty-gritty, freeing your employees to focus on more pertinent tasks. Plan prices vary based on what services are needed for your business and how many devices you'd like to connect to the service.

What Services Does Cloud Computing Offer?

Cloud hosting allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime. Because it's internet-based, you can use programs without lugging it around on a hard drive. It also means regular updates, security enhancements, and data backup. 

Because cloud computing uses an already built infrastructure, it can save hugely on costs for a small business who don't want to build their own infrastructure from the ground up. It's also immensely scalable, leading to its use by companies big and small.